Friday, July 20, 2007

CBCNN links VP election to Gujarat victims

The state of riot victims in entirely irrelevant to the VP elections. What purpose does it serve other than propaganda against the Modi government.

The Hindu : Front Page : UPA-Left names Ansari for Vice-President
As National Commission for Minorities Chairman, Mr. Ansari sent a team of its members to Gujarat this year to inspect camps housing victims of the 2002 riots in the State. In its report, the NCM noted that most camps lacked basic facilities even five years after the rioting incidents.


Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Ansari send a team to inspect the conditions of the refugees from Kashmir who are languishing in the capital? After all, they are also minorities in their own native state!

Third rate scums and fourth rate media.

Anonymous said...

These "camps" themselves are a sham, deliberately kept running for propaganda purposes.