Monday, July 02, 2007

Selective reporting on CIA documents

While the first thing to hit the headlines on most other newspapers after CIA declassified official records was CPM's role in 1962 war and Nehru's stupidity, it never made it to CBCNN  as a worthy article. Almost a week later, CBCNN  finds material about America's frustration about India; it turns it into a prominent article with glorious colour photos.

The net result after reading on CBCNN about the CIA documents: The reader is
1. uneducated about the contents
2. develops a prejudiced view due to selective reporting
3. completely unaware of CPM's seditious role in 1962 war
4. force fed certain myths about Nehru and the dynasty
5. develops an unwarranted antagonism against the USA.

In essence, CBCNN only serves certain political purpose by prostituting journalism.

The Hindu : National : U.S. pleaded with China to ‘menace’ India: book

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