Sunday, April 15, 2007

CBCNN lauds Karat

Communists - they are all the same. Blood suckers

The Hindu : National : Karat lauds role of P.C. Joshi

Prakash Karat said: "Regardless of which stream of the Communist movement we belong to, we look upon him as one of our leaders."

Oh, those "eminent" communist historians, who believe there is absolutely nothing worthy of mention in the Hindu history and who never lose an opportunity to undermine the great Indian heritage. We now hear a communist saying this:

Mr. Bardhan said it was Joshi who challenged the colonial view of the `revolt of 1857' and called it a national movement which had since been acknowledged by historians as the First War of Indian Independence.

Is there any end to this charade?

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Anonymous said...

Let the Communist Parties come out with a report on their role during the treacherous Chinese invasion of India in 1962, where they stood, whom they supported, which way their loyalties were directed etc. (ok, if it was only one party then, "its role").

Then they will to know for sure that there is nothing "Indian" in their name.