Friday, April 13, 2007

UPA wants menstrual history of female civil servants

Would this outrageous demand by the UPA have been reported in CBCNN if Karat did not make a petition, I wonder. Why no moral outrage by N.Ram, why no condemning editorial? In fact, CBCNN did not even report it yesterday, while Guardian, the British newspaper, devoted an entire article to it. Imagine the outcry if BJP had done this. CBCNN does not exhibit a slant but blind prejudice. It is a propaganda machine. And, as with the communists, it does all this while pontificating on ethics.

The Hindu : National : Brinda Karat seeks Manmohan's intervention

In her memorandum, Ms. Karat said the form seeking intimate details was "reflective of a high degree of insensitivity towards female officers on the part of the authorities responsible for this form."

Also, she pointed out that such details — including detailed menstrual history and date of last confinement — were not at all required for their job profile.

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