Thursday, April 05, 2007

Iran must fight back; India must tolerate

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Britain in the wrong

Under the circumstances, it is hardly surprising that Iranian patience should be wearing thin.

I wonder when The Chindu will say India must end its patience with Pakistan...

but when intrusions are frequent and form a provocative pattern, Iran was within its rights to detain the crew and seek assurances that there will be no further violations of the country's sovereignty in future.

...and extend the same liberty to India as it has extended to Iran. To me, this sounds like the eternal damnation of the semetics.

With Tony Blair's credibility in tatters, there are few international buyers for his claim that the British soldiers were captured in Iraqi and not Iranian waters. Mr. Blair showed all the judgment of a schoolboy in rushing with his complaint to the United Nations Security Council, which in the event wisely confined itself to issuing a call for the early resolution of the problem.

But The Chindu never ceases to praise the sincerity of Gen.Musharraf inspite of his repeated failures.

Objective verification of the precise spot on the Shatt-el-Arab waterway where the arrests took place might not be possible. But with the Iraqi coast guard authorities pointedly disputing the British claim, the international community is likely to believe Tehran rather than London on this issue.

Coincidentally, the "international community" reposing faith in Tehran resides in the offices of The Chindu, and report to N.Ram.

Instead of raking up a pointless controversy over why the Iranians released television footage of their British captives — one can only imagine the hysteria that would have been generated about their safety in the absence of such footage — Mr. Blair should get off his high horse.

The Chindu must get off its dope here. The typical leftist cry of human rights and dignity is replaced by condemning the victims. While the worldwide outcry is condemned as "pointless controversy", publicly broadcasting the video footage is justified as the *only* way to assure the safety of the hostages.

I hope this outrages the British Guardian to cut-off the neo-liberal feeds to The Chindu.

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Anonymous said...

The secular scripture, revealed by comrade Chindu, dictates that the Hindus must tolerate, no matter what the provocation is. As we see time and again in Kashmir when unarmed Hindus in villages are killed point-blank by the jihadis, Chindu never fails to offer the explanation that is because the Pak-trained and Pak-sponsored jihadis feel "alienated". That is comrade's perverted philosophy.