Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CBCNN protects the dynasty, blames party workers

Rahul Gandhi failed to attract any crowd. But CBCNN cleverly blames the party workers, and shields the dynasty. CBCNN gives all credit to any success to the dynasty. Communists are baptized in sycophancy.

The Hindu : National : Groupism mars Rahul's road show

However, the turnout at the election meeting at Nadan Mahal Park in the Old City turned out to be a huge embarrassment for the Congress. Only a few hundred people, mostly Congress workers, were present to hear him[Rahul Gandhi].

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Anonymous said...

Chindu says: In Lucknow Central constituency, which has a large number of Muslim voters, the response was good.

But, Chindu does not say if Hindu voters flocked. That would make the road show "communal"! Of course, taking pride in a "good" turnout of minority voters is a secular triumph!!