Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Khare wants UPA to be salvaged

For lack of time, I am not getting into the Khare-ish contradictions of the article. Khare is peculiar in CBCNN because he supports Congress and the dynasty over the communists. In this article he is whipping the dead horse.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Can the UPA project be salvaged?


sandeep said...

The "high Priest of Mount Road " as expcted trashes Avarana BTW Avarana is on its way to 6th print which is completly uheard of in kannada literary circles

Anonymous said...

According to Khare: The BJP-led NDA had kept up the "extra-constitutional" centre of power chorus, restraining her from playing the normal and legitimate monitoring role as the party president over the Congress government.

Blame BJP for non-performance by mataji superior! Besides, Khare-ji should know it is not a Congress govt.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks sandeep for brining it up. contrast this review of Avarana to the review of Da Vinci Code.

Dan Brown's unputdownable theological thriller should be read as the grandest kind of entertainment out there: a conspiracy that is part history, part fiction.

Avarana will never be given the same luxury as DVC by the Chindu - a hindu hater.

Anonymous said...

For an interesting and illuminating review of "Avarana", see:

AvaraNa by SL Bhyrappa: an eye-opener?

Anonymous said...

According to this report

The Hindu has lost readership by a whopping 14%. I think readers are deserting the paper disgusted by its propaganda and communist fanaticism.