Saturday, November 24, 2007

Critisizing Muslim God is a sin

Criticizing Hindu God or denying the existence of Ram is fine criticizing Muslim God is not. The first is "secular" act, while the later is "communal". Chindu adheres to the highest "secular" standards.

The Hindu : National : Taslima should apologise, says Farooq Abdullah
Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen should apologise for “criticising God” or else she will not have a “place to hide,” National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah said here on Saturday.

“She has been turned out of her country. If she wants to stay here, she
must say she is sorry,” the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister
told reporters.

Pointing to violence in Kolkata, he contended that there was a
possibility of a flare-up in other parts of the country. “She will not
have a place to hide. Kolkata flared up. The same happened in
Hyderabad. And what if that happens in other parts of the country where
she goes,” he asked.

Dr. Abdullah steered clear of demands that Ms. Nasreen be sent back
to her native country. “I am not an authority to decide on whether
asylum should be given to her or not. But as long as she is here, she
needs to respect religion. Criticising God is a sin.”

Asked about the issue of right to expression, Dr. Abdullah said:
“She must not play with religion because not only will she have to pay
the price, but so will the country.”

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