Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nandigram challenge

Thankfully, a reader has summarized Chindu's stance on Nandigram. What does it take for a newspaper, inspite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to perpetrate such deception on its readers? A few paise out of the 1.1 trillion.

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Nandigram challenge
The editorial “The challenge of Nandigram” (Nov. 12) stood out for its courage, clarity and purpose. While most of the mainstream media preferred to go with the tide, singing and dancing to the tune of the very perpetrators of the Nandigram tragedy, The Hindu took an ethical stand.

Had it not been for The Hindu, I would not have known that thousands of Left Front sympathisers were living in relief camps for months after fleeing the region following attacks on their families and livelihood by the Trinamool Congress-led BUPC; that the democratic institutions had not been allowed to function; that 15,000 children were prevented from taking pulse polio doses; that the Union Home Minister took over 15 days to send the CRPF; that there was no cause for violence after the West Bengal Chief Minister announced in February that there would be no chemical hub; that the Governor forgot his constitutional obligation; and that I had for some time been naively following the media, forgetting the maxim — read between the lines.


Anonymous said...

Somnath entertaining us regularly on Chindu with his finely distilled Marxist wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust deniers ought to consider hiring Comrade N Ram as their scribe. Communists are anti-semitic anyway, and that would be double motivation for one of the most twisted minds in Indian journalism to help the neo-Nazis.