Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maoist presence only a bogey: Medha

Medha Patkar, touted as the supreme secularist during Gujarat riots, has physically reviewed the situation in Nandigram. She confirms our strong suspicion that BUPC is not a TMC or Maoist outfit as consistently projected by Chindu.

The Hindu : National : Maoist presence only a bogey: Medha
Ms. Patkar, part of a people’s delegation that visited Nandigram, told journalists here that the bogey of a Maoist presence was being raised to justify the “subjugation of rebellious villages in the area.”

Releasing a report of the team to the media here, she, along with
journalist Sumit Chakravarty, said they did not find physical evidence
to back the accusations. “In Sonachura we talked to at least 150 to 200
people, both from the CPI(M) and the Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh
Committee(BUPC). Not one of them mentioned armed resistance by the

She said it was clear that no matter how it was projected, this was
not a Trinamool Congress versus CPI(M) fight. “The BUPC is not a TMC
outfit. Nor is it a Maoist outfit. So this is not a Left versus
ultra-Left issue. The BUPC consists of angry villagers from Nandigram
who have rebelled against CPI(M)’s oppressive ways and its bullying
tactics to take away their land [for Special Economic Zone


Anonymous said...

Ideally, I would like to see a blog to take on all of the secular dailies. Spindian Express, Chindu, TOI'let... all of them. Done right (with a bit of caution and restraint), it has lot of potential and maybe able to stand on it own and even make some money through ads.

Anonymous said...

The commies are shouting loud that their partymen have been victims of violence in Nandigram. But, they and their mouthpiece, Chindu carefully hide the identity of the vicitms on the "other side". The fact that commies are fighting pitched battles with "minorities" is not explicitly mentioned on the pages of Chindu. If the battleground would have been somewhere else Chindu would have gladly presented the score card, highlighting "minority" casualties with added tags such as genocide, pogrom, holocaust etc.