Friday, May 11, 2007

Fwd: N.Ram's version of "Freedom of expression"

Lessons in (pseudo)secularism:

Secularism 101

In his address to the rally, Narasimhan Ram, the editor in chief of
the English-language daily, The Hindu, said, "The cartoons are a
sacrilege under the name of freedom of expression."

Secularism 201

There is something terribly amiss about a social order that coerces a
law-abiding 91-year-old artist, India's most celebrated painter, into
leaving the country because of harassment by rank communalists and
moral vigilantes. Surprisingly, instead of upholding the fundamental
right to freedom of expression, some lower courts have been
extraordinarily tolerant in entertaining the vexatious complaints.

Those who successfully complete the above lessons in the course, are
eminently eligible for the award of the degree: B.S.(Secularism)

Lessons, coutesy:

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