Tuesday, May 15, 2007

N.Ram blames Hindu groups for protests against Christ's penis

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Hurt sentiments and moral policing

The charge that Chandramohan's works offended Hindu and Christian religious sentiments makes no sense given the context in which the works were displayed.

under pressure from extreme right wing groups.

For a better perspective on the incident, here is from www.dailypioneer.com, exposing the duplicity of the Left and Chindu.

Among the earliest to protest was the pastor of the Methodist Church in Baroda, Reverend Emmanuel Kant. A group of irate Hindus, led by Niraj Jain, a BJP activist, also marched into the exhibition venue.
After persuasion from the police, the paintings and other works of "art" were taken down and locked up in a room. Despite the anger of Jain and his compatriots, there was no major violence, no damage to university property and Chandra Mohan's creations were left untouched. They are still safe in that room.
The matter would have ended there had not, on May 11, Pannikar triggered another fire. Acting unilaterally and going against the orders of his superiors, he organised an impromptu exhibition of nude paintings under the rubric of "medieval art" and "Indian culture". He refused written orders from the registrar to remove the paintings and insisted on displaying them through the night. This led to Pannikar's suspension.
...on March 2, 2006, the CPI participated with Muslim organisations in a massive rally in Mumbai, protesting against President George W Bush's arrival in India and the Danish cartoons.
A month later, on April 9, 2006, the Hindu approvingly quoted from a recent article in People's Democracy, the CPI(M)'s organ. "It said," reported the Hindu, "that after the Iran issue, the Danish newspaper cartoons on Prophet Mohammed became an international issue, with big protest rallies organised by Muslims in India from February 2006 ... There was genuine anger against the cartoons. All secular parties, including the Congress, had condemned them."

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