Monday, May 14, 2007

Readers question CBCNN's Anti-Hindu bias

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Concerns that go beyond a spellchecker's

... they(readers) are bound to ask questions, such as: "You have prominently published photographs and report on the attack on a Christian preacher in distant Jaipur ... A series of more heinous attacks were unleashed on innocent gurukkals (temple priests) in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu ... . Your newspaper probably found no news value in the incidents." (V. Anantharaman, Bangalore). All forms of religions or casteist intolerance need to be reported and criticised. Omitting some or selective reporting can lead to readers forming their own conclusions, which may not always be warranted.

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Anonymous said...

Explanation is rather simple. In Chindu's lexicon, Pastor = Secular and Gurukkal = Communal. The brave Dravidians frequently indulge in their cowardly pastime of attacking unarmed and innocent Hindu priests, for the simple reason, they are Brahmins. Apparently, Chindu takes great pride and pleasure in this cowardly Dravidian sport. In the recent months, besides Thiruvarur, Brahmins priests have been attacked at West Mambalam (Chennai) and Neyveli. These are unprovoked violent attacks and Chindu's perverted secularism prevents it from providing equal footage, as it does to Christians and Muslims.

The thin veil of neutrality falls off when the Editor's Writer concludes that this kind of dubious reporting can lead to readers forming their own conclusions, which "may not always be warranted."