Thursday, November 16, 2006

Left rallies; CBCNN does not want to be left out

Left rally protests against Saddam's death penalty

Left stages another rally in West Bengal. CBCNN covers it dutifully.

CBCNN, known for its use of language, indulges in subtle indoctrination. Notice the stance of CBCNN conveyed indirectly in its yellow pages.

Pak Terrorism: India alleges Pak supports terrorism, subtly implying India's claim is baseless and without evidence.

Islamic terrorists: Careful use of language by CBCNN to suggest that Islamic terrorists are militants and just misguided youth.

America: Strong language condemning its moves as imperialism. In this article you can see CBCNN puts is explicitly that US invaded Iraq. I am not denying US invasion of Iraq, but only pointing to CBCNN's use of language. Pakistan's support for terrorism in India is well documented but CBCNN does not use a similar language to condemn Pak.

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