Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hyper-aggressive assault on BJP by CBCNN

BJP back to form

This editorial gives an idea about the depths to which CBCNN has plunged. CBCNN, devoid of any decency befitting a national newspaper, is scathing, contemptous and hyper-aggressive in attacking BJP. I was speechless after I read this editorial. I saw the heading and knew what to expect but the opening line left me in disbelief. To its credit, CBCNN maintained the tempo throughout the editorial.

the Bharatiya Janata Party is back in form, doing what it knows best to do — disrupt Parliament, invade the streets, and try to impose a divisive agenda by force.
CBCNN is so dismissive of the opposition party. I do not want to bring in what the communist parties do all the time. CBCNN is categorizing BJP as just a disruptive force and nothing else. And to say that "BJP is back to form" is to imply that any good deed done by BJP is a deviation and the norm is to bring about destruction. This is a shocker.

The party has assumed the garb of super-patriotism against opponents portrayed as enemies of the state
Just what you would expect from a Chinese patriot.

The two issues riased are serious concerns and the BJP as the opposition party has a right to voice its opinion.

Just as CBCNN believes death penalty must be abolished however "gruesome the crime", a sizeable section believes it is justified against certain acts of terror. CBCNN indluges in ad hominen attacks calling them "lynch mobs out to shorten a human life". BJP's democratic protests are given a demonic twist. CBCNN had adopted another strategy of justifying a wrong by pointing to other BJP's faults. In this case, the comparison is unwarranted as the circumstances are very different. But CBCNN deliberately indulges in this comparison to confuse and eventually try to justify a wrong.

On the Arunachal issue, CBCNN is calculated.
It may have been impolitic of Ambassador Sun Yuxi to restate a claim to the whole of the State ahead of President Hu Jintao's visit. Yet this has been China's stated position, clearly a bargaining point, for more than four decades.
CBCNN is ok if Sun Yuxi claimed a part of the state.
"clearly a bargaining point" : CBCNN is pushing hard to make it a bargaining point.

The BJP needs to be reminded that it was its own government that took the initiative for a peaceful resolution of the India-China boundary issue.
Peaceful resolution of border issue is very different from what CBCNN is gunning for: making Arunachal Pradesh a "bargaining" point. Bargain Arunachal with China for what? - a few silver coins? BJP asking China to recognize Arunachal as part of India is different from CBCNN selling it to China for a few silver coins.

Another point is the India-China border issue is about Aksai Chin and not just Arunachal.

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