Thursday, November 16, 2006

Making it work for Pak

Make the mechanism work

N.Ram once again comes out with an editorial asking India to fall in line with Pak's jihadi aspirations.

"anti-India militant groups" conduct terrorist attacks in India but CBCNN calls these groups "militant" and not "terrorist".

It is disappointing that the resolution of the Siachen and Sir Creek issues has been held up, with the Indian Army seeming to come in the way by citing a number of strategic reasons for not withdrawing from the glacier.

Once again, CBCNN blames India and questions the Indian Army's judgement in not withdrawing troops. The communist support for anti-national elements and the media's slandering of army is compounding the stress of Indian soldiers, pushing them to suicidal levels. The full-fledged suicide prevention programs of soldiers must include banning CBCNN.

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