Monday, November 27, 2006

Indian security fears irrational and paranoid

Trading up the relationship

... the irrational fears of the Indian security establishment regarding participation of Chinese firms in sectors like telecom, infrastructure, and ports.

... the Prime Minister needs to assert his authority and nip these paranoid impulses in the bud.

CBCNN deliberately did not report that China made claims to Arunachal Pradesh. And now it is telling us that Indian security fears about China are irrational and paranoid.

The national security implications of opening a particular sector to foreign investment need to be assessed carefully. However, once a decision to open up is made, it is inappropriate to embargo firms from a country with which India is supposed to have a strategic and cooperative partnership.
This is just like "you are with us or against". Why cant India exercise its options on case-to-case basis, especially on important matters like national security. Obviously, CBCNN does not find it agreeable because such an approach is not favourable to China

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