Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Drumbeater drowns all with drool

Table Forest Rights Bill: Left

Communists take out another rally and the drumbeater CBCNN is salivating uncontrollably. Of course, there is Brinda Karat addressing the rally making it a landmark occassion. And here is some of her wisdom.

Ms. Karat said the Government's arguments were ridiculous. "They claim that no tribal people have moved to the forests after 1980. This is ridiculous when it is known that the forest cover has reduced and the people from these areas have been displaced. Lakhs of them have moved further back into the forests."
This leaves me confused. I deduced that people would have moved out of forests if forest cover has reduced and people were displaced. In any case, I cant see new people choosing to move to forests for living. And Ms.Karat says the government argument is "ridiculous". You have to give it to communism: it just eats away all logic and leaves a person brain dead.

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