Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reader says CBCNN claims hollow

Causes, concerns and custom

Ramani P. Easwaran of Bangalore is judgmental.
Yeah, he is a moron and K.Narayanan is the smartest guy around.

To him, The Hindu's "claim that it is objective, fair and committed to journalistic ethics ... sounds hollow" when it does not report the Chinese Ambassador's assertion that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China, made in a TV interview. He anticipates my argument that it is a question of editorial judgment and pronounces mine to be a "rubberstamp role."

CBCNN loyalties on display.

The envoy's statement was reported by most newspapers and featured by some. The Hindu did not. It was a conscious editorial judgment, ("clouded by ideology" according to Easwaran) because it was not a new claim, I was told.
This must be the most ridiculous justification ever. It is not reported because it is not new.

It had been China's stand all along that it does not recognise the McMahon Line, and its maps show Arunachal Pradesh within its borders. But when External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee reacted to the envoy's comment by reiterating India's stand, The Hindu reported it in a one-para brief on Page 1 with related reports inside. The reader should have been told the context in which the remarks were made and educated on the background, which is a newspaper's role. That had to wait for some more days for Pallavi Aiyar's informative analysis on the editorial page.

Very poor attempt at covering up.

Mr. Easwaran had an obiter dictum: "You should convey to the management the readers' opinions and urge them to change according to the readers' taste ... your role is more to publish the errors and corrections that appear everyday." That daily effort is the visible part of my labours. What I do with readers' views is not, and cannot be, in the public view or hearing. They reach those whom they should reach. But ensuring or enforcing change — that is not my task!

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