Wednesday, November 15, 2006

China claims Arunachal; the ever barking dogs are silent

China seeks to downplay envoy's comments

The communists are eager to express their opinion on any and every thing. But when China lays claim to Indian territority, the barking dogs are silent. This is the distorted view of Indian congress and communist parties - no sense of territorial integrity. BJP is the lone party to object to the Chinese claims. I'd rather prefer their militant nationalism, sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Shashi,Bangalore,says:I as a citizen of India would want my Indian government to make it very very explicit and certain to the Chinese government at the highest levels to back off from illegitimate claims on Arunachal Pradesh and make it very clear that any encroachment will be met with force. India today has a solid nuclear deterrence capability and there is no reason to be scared or worried that China has a bigger, better equipped and larger armed services. Today they will ask Arunachal and tommorow they will lay claim to Sikkim and Meghalaya, there is no sane end to it. Why should not India claim Tibet as its territory when we have housed and protected and given asylum to millions of Tibetans who have suffered the illegal occupation and invasion by Han Mongols of China. India should start talking tough and not worry about the 1962 war when we really were ill equipped to take on the Chinese. Today its a very different story, they will pay their price in blood if they encroach on our territory and we should make no bones about it. We are ready for a fight if it comes down to it.