Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More polluted Beijing better than Delhi

A tale of two cities - Harish Chandola

Harish Chandola is on a visit to Beijing, most probably on a business trip to the corporate headquarters of CBCNN or Beijing is trying to keep its foot soldiers in India happy by sponsoring pleasure trips to a few.

Harish is describing his visit by comparing Beijing to New Delhi and you can see him looking through the proverbial coloured glasses. Harish is absolutely captivated by the "rising moon" in the early morning. He says, Beijing, being more polluted than Delhi, has a grey curtain of smog, making the sun look like a moon. Greater pollution in Beijing makes the sun look more beautiful here than in Delhi. Comrade Harish Chandola is so blinded with prejudice, he does not need the smog to make Beijing look more beautiful.

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