Thursday, October 12, 2006

Passes the verdict on George Fernandes

Tehelka, run by ex-editor of a porn magazine, conducts sting operations to uncover corruption and scandals, mostly involving politicians. It is interesting to note that most of the targets of Tehelka belong to one particular political party. When Congress was neck-deep in Oil-for-food scam, Tehelka ran a sting operation exposing BJP MPs collecting bribes to ask questions in Parliament. The focus of corrupt politicians has shifted from Congress to BJP. It appeared as if Tehelka was acting as an extension of the Congress government, just as CBCNN is an extension of communists.

Once again, Congress government is an obvious beneficiary of Tehelka's investigation of Barak deal. Congress government is also known for its politics of vengeance. Given that both, Tehelka and Congress, are acting in nexus with dubious intentions, the FIR could well be a political drama. CBCNN is overly enthusiastic in passing a verdict that George Fernandes is guilty.
At the very least, the lack of transparency and the haste with which the procurement was pushed through show that the Barak deal was not at all kosher.
CBCNN is just another yellow rag, letting its political affiliations permeate its pages.

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