Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CBCNN supports N.Korea nuclear tests

An alert reader has brought to my notice that CBCNN did not carry any statements from the communist parties about N.Korea's nuclear blasts. The communists, who are vocal on any and every damn issue, have chosen not to comment on this one because N.Korea is another darling communist country. I decided to have a second look at the editorial.

The end of 'non-proliferation'
CBCNN calls this act of N.Koreas as "adventurism". No strong language. No condemnation. It is trying to justify the actions based on changed circumstances. The routine blame-game is also seen.

The international community cannot pretend it had no forewarning.

This sets the tone for the elaborate justification of "adventurism".
- N.Korea has been telling us all along that they plan to do the testing but we all who ignored the warnings.
- N.Korea was never under any obligation not to perform the tests. So it did not violate any law.
- The circumstances have profoundly changed.
- The old nuclear order was based on "unequal global nuclear bargain".
- India, Pakistan, Israel have all stayed out of NPT.
- There are close to 30 countries which are virtual nuclear power states.
- Non-profileration is all about double standards.
- N.Korea is justified to use Article 10 of NPT.

CBCNN says US condemnation of "adventurism" is based on hypocrisy. CBCNN asks India to shut-up because N.Korea is doing exactly what India did in 1998. If India thought it had a right to perform the tests, then N.Korea too is justified in its "adventurism".

CBCNN categorically states that N.Korea is not to be blamed for its "adventurism"; the fault lies with Bush administration, which must accept a major share of the blame for missing chances for a re-configuration of relations with the Kim Jong Il regime, for its bluster against the `axis of evil,' and for imposing short-sighted financial sanctions.

Why is CBCNN supporting N.Korea's nuclear tests?

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