Monday, October 16, 2006

Garibi hatao

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Three-and-a-half decades ought to have been long enough for India to make a massive dent on poverty. During the same period, by all accounts, China, embarking on a new economic path, has succeeded in raising hundreds of millions of its citizens out of mass poverty comparable with India's. However, in the new millennium, more than 350 million Indians remain desperately poor by any international norm.
At the slightest available opportunity, CBCNN praises the fatherland, China. Have to acknowledge the Chinese experiment as a great success, if only one can ignore the tens of millions of poor farmers who have been sacrificed for the purpose.

CBCNN is soft and considerate while evaluating the debilitating effects of Nehruvian-Stalinism, and its associated phony ideals of socialism and equality, or the trickery, opportunism and deceit of Indira Gandhi when she used the "garibi hatao" as only a slogan, while further shackling the free enteprise.

This being CBCNN, you dont expect them to rip apart the duplicity of Indira Gandhi's "garibi hatao". And when Saint Gandhi is using the same slogan a few decades later, CBCNN is curious about the political advantage it will fetch her, not the poverty alleviation that can be affected.

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