Sunday, October 29, 2006

Barking dog of Indian politics

UPA policies benefiting few, says Dasgupta

CPI comes out with yet another set of pompous statements and CBCNN just can not afford to miss out on splashing and flashing it.

Asked about the continuance of Left support to the UPA Government, he said the CPI was exploring the possibility of extracting concessions from the ruling alliance for the people through the proposed agitation. "If the Government still fails to deliver, the Left Front will have to take a harsh decision."

CPI has all along been influencing economic and foriegn policies by virtue of their access to power. So what is the need for an agitation that cripples the economy. Did CPI explore the possibility of extracting concessions through negotiations to now pursue the agitation course.
Yeah, we are all dying to see the "harsh decision", comrade. A barking dog never bites.

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