Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Religion of peace initiates riots

Violence breaks out in Nizamabad district
... people belonging to a particular community objected to a procession carrying the idol of goddess Durga on Achanpally road passing in front of their place of worship.

CBCNN is extremely sensitive to the feelings of muslims and hence does not name them in this report; it just says "a particular community". If it were Hindus that initiated the riots, CBCNN would be screaming from the rooftop about minorities being terrorised etc. CBCNN also goes on endlesslessly in its editorials that muslims are forced to resort to violence because they are being terrorised. But just as in this case, muslims have attacked Hindu symbols of expression without any provocation and purely out of bigotry. How long can CBCNN sustain this campaign of disinformation?

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