Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another article suspecting the police

Facts, fiction or the fog of drugs? - Praveen Swami

"IT is far pleasanter to sit comfortably in the shade rubbing red pepper in a poor devil's eyes," wrote James Stephen in his 1883 classic, The History of Criminal Law, "than to go about in the sun hunting up evidence."

Stephen's wry commentary on colonial Indian police practices offers a prism through which to examine the Mumbai Police's investigation of the July 11 serial bombing of suburban trains.

Swami's opening statements set the tone for the rest of the article. He straight away starts with the assumption that the Mumbai police have not spent time on the investigation and are forcing confessions out of innocents. CBCNN rejects any direct evidence indicting Pakistan, saying it is so obvious Pak wont do it. CBCNN rejects any circumstantial evidence saying it is not solid evidence. CBCNN calls any time taken for the investigations as police ineffeciency. The police have no escape. The CBCNN is always lashing out at them. In total contrast, CBCNN is always considerate when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Also, look at how it went to the extent of supporting nuclear tests by blaming America. The Indian police get no such sympathy from CBCNN.

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