Thursday, October 12, 2006

Taliban in Kashmir

Fear stalks north Kashmir mountains Praveen Swami

Few interesting points from the article:

... cities across the country grapple with the worst year of Islamist terrorism India has ever faced

In June, Naima Waza, 21, and her sister Salima, 23, were tonsured in full public view for having defied a Lashkar ban on the use of cellular phones. Their father, Abdul Aziz Waza, was shot through the legs. According to the Lashkar, mobile phones encouraged immorality. A powerful Sopore religious figure, Ahad Ba'b Sopore, was targeted for assassination by the Lashkar earlier this year, on the grounds that his syncretic religious practices constituted heresy.
Islamists are turning Kashmir into another Talibani Afghanistan.

... several key terrorist leaders in the area, including the Lashkar's Deputy Division Commander, a Pakistani national
Trust N.Ram when he tells you Pakistan has nothing to do with terrorism.

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