Wednesday, October 04, 2006

87,000 mass protests in China last year

Confucius makes a comeback in China - Pallavi Aiyar

Last year alone 87,000 mass protests rocked the country, according to official police figures.
87,000 mass protests in one year is a huge number. It comes to about 240 protests per day. And if you consider that the officials under-report such numbers, it is alarming to imagine the situation in China.

Pallavi Aiyar also tells us the reason for these protests.
The reasons for this embrace of traditional wisdom are to be found in the dissent and discontentment that three decades of market reforms have sparked off amongst large swathes of Chinese society.
a culture of getting rich quick has spawned corruption, envy, and obsession with money.
In a 2005 government survey, nearly three quarters of respondents said that "money" was what they desired most.
Corruption scandals have thus repeatedly wracked the country

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