Monday, October 16, 2006

Pak's Daily Times indicts Musharraf but not CBCNN

Seven years and counting - Nirupama Subramanian

But the question his moderate critics are asking is, if he is so "all right" what prevented President Musharraf from doing anything for this vision in these last seven years. After all, he first spoke of enlightened moderation six years ago. If in this time, religious extremist forces have gained political power, it is thanks to his sidelining of mainstream political parties, and the backlash from the decision to unquestioningly back the U.S. `war on terror.' They are asking why, if he claims to be a champion of moderation, did he succumb just last month to Islamist forces that opposed amending the anti-women Hudood ordinances. And why, as the Daily Times, asked in an editorial, does he continue to retain jihadi options in Kashmir and Afghanistan?

The Daily Times editorial asks Musharraf why he is continuing to retain jihadi options in Kashmir but CBCNN, in this editorial, tells its readers Musharraf has nothing to do with jihad in Kashmir.

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