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Condoning Ismalic terrorism in Gujarat

Gujarat madrasas: an education in terror? - Comrade Praveen Swami

While none of the four men possessed weapons more dangerous than inflammatory Islamist literature and videos, police say they have hard evidence that the men were linked to Lashkar cells responsible for a string of terror strikes in western India.

Swami is giving the benefit of doubt to the 4 suspects, while trying to find some gaps in the police version.
Ever since the arrests, Gujarat's madaris have faced sometimes-venomous attack from both politicians and the press.
And now trying to shift the blame. Thankfully, "hindu fundementalists" have been spared.
In the next six paragraphs, Swami elaborates on how Sardana and Sheikh operated to establish Lashkar cells. He also acknowledges that these cells carried out terror attacks.
Sardana is believed to have recruited at least 20 men from Gujarat and Maharashtra to the Lashkar-e-Taiba — including several members of the cell which executed the July serial bombings in Mumbai.
Zabiuddin Ansari, the operational head of the Lashkar cell that carried out the Mumbai bombings, was one of the men Sardana persuaded to join the Lashkar.
Zulfikar Fayyaz Ahmad `Kagzi,' the author of the abortive February 19 bombing of a Mumbai-Ahmedabad train, and one of Ansari's principal lieutenants.

But Swami still wants to convince us that they possessed weapons no more dangerous than terror manuals. Yeah Swami, CBCNN is utterly convinced with your arguments as it matches with their ideology.
Swami then repeats a similar attempt. He tells us that madaris are breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism.
Even as this theatre was unfolding, Sardana had begun work on his next project: building the new Lashkar cell in Gujarat using his seminary contacts.
Sardana uses his seminary contacts to start terrorist cells and he recruits terrorists from madaris. Shakeel Ahmad Sheikh followed exactly the same path. And these cells in turn multiplied using the same path ofcourse.
Swami then tries to convince us that madaris have nothing to do with terrorism by quoting the maulvi and citing the good work done by madaris etc.
In practice, however, madaris have acted as centres where Islamists may meet, network and obtain access to individuals connected with terrorist groups.

At this point, I am surprised. How the heck did this article get published in CBCNN? It is against their editorial policies. Wait, there could be one possible explanation : the communists acknowledge the mistake only to push the blame on the opponenets -- I was forced to do this mistake as a reaction to this action of yours.
Oh yes, thats exactly how Swami ends it.

Despite its liberative possibilities, modernity has for the most part spoken to Gujarat's Muslims through the twin media of economic marginalisation and communal violence.

At least some of his students see offence as a more effective form of defence.

Oh! I see. So madaris are becoming terror networks because muslims are being terrorised. Thank you CBCNN for letting us know this.
2000 muslims gathered peacefully at 7AM in the morning to watch 59 people burn alive. They did not initiate the attacks. Hindus reacted without any provocation. Around 250 Hindus and 750 muslims died. It is a program, ethnic-cleansing,..... in Gujarat against the peace-loving muslims.

Swami does not see any problem when some of madaris' students see offence as best form of defence. But Hindus "MUST NOT" do the same because Hindus got no human rights. This also resonates with CBCNN views.

Now that we are done with it, Swami ends on a high note: blame the society and absolve muslims.

Madaris, though, aren't the problem: India's civil society must instead undertake the more difficult task of serious critical engagement with the ideas and ideologies that engender violence.

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Anonymous said...


One of the three, Imam ul-Haq Banarasi, was the son of a cleric, but Asad Ahmad Munshi and Husain Alibhai Maniar, though children of affluent business families, chose to reject the world their parents had built.


Gujarat's Muslims through the twin media of economic marginalisation and communal violence

What a crock of shit! A hungry belly has no time for ideology though may be bought easily.

A spiritually bankrupt upbringing however will make these financially independent people seek terrorism to provide excitement in their boring lives. Witness the example of Sanjay Dutt!

In the UK too the jihadis are led by people with secure financial backgrounds and what is considered to be good education - obviously it can't that good if it failed to teach them how to live as human beings!