Thursday, October 26, 2006

"People's Democracy" or CBCNN? Its all the same

Apt juncture to assess foreign policy: Karat

... Mr. Karat said in the latest issue of party organ `People's Democracy.'

Not much difference between reading "People's Democracy" and CBCNN, because CBCNN maintains high standards, ethics, integrity, etc. to ensure it mirrors the views expressed in "People's Democracy".

... the NAM Summit in Havana showed that India could play an important and constructive role in advancing the platform of defence of national sovereignty against hegemonic trends

As Sabha pointed out here, NAM is irrelevant. Comrade Karat is just going through the motions of vomiting some nonsense. CBCNN is meticulously swallowing it all and regurgitating on its readers.

Another area of potential was trilateral cooperation between Russia, China and India.
And China is waging water wars on India.

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