Thursday, October 05, 2006

On finger-pointing
What is solid and verifiable evidence? Do we expect Gen. Musharraf to confess that his country planned and supported 7/11? The General may even do it, knowing that in India there are sections of society and media that will come to his support. I remember what my friend used to say — no one believes India as its policies are heavily loaded with overzealous exhibition of magnanimity.

S.V. Krishna,

S.V. Krishna is asking the right questions here. Obviously, CBCNN is the shining example of media supporting Musharraf and Pakistan.

The editorial's conclusion borders on oversimplification of a national malady. There are dissenters and disgruntled elements in all sections of society but they do not target innocent people with foreign assistance like the men who volunteer for LeT service do.

Srikantan Sivaraman,

This is the line CBCNN must take. Instead it asks us to put our house in order and goes to the extent of justifying those volunteering for LeT. This is CBCNN for you.

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