Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fundementalists calling Diwali a religious festival

Be lenient to Indian students, Australia urged

Mr. Ravi said Diwali was recognised abroad as a pan-Indian national festival. But he was dismayed at the "fundamentalist" attitude of some ethnic Indians in Australia who looked at this "festival of colour and lights" through a religious prism. He was, however, happy that people from different faiths were present at the Diwali celebrations in Australia and New Zealand.

Vayalar Ravi is the minister of Indian overseas affairs. His wife is Mercy, a Christian. He is known to have filed a case against Guruvayoor temple.

CBCNN, like Vayalar Ravi, is known to display similar disregard to Hindu religion, customs and symbols. All good things in Hinduism are treated as Indian - an act of cultural appropriation practised by the minorities, and all bad things in India are blamed on Hinduism - an act of cultural terrorism by the 'secularists'.

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