Thursday, October 05, 2006

The limits of finger-pointing

The limits of finger-pointing

In this article, N.Ram clearly crosses the limits of finger-pointing. NDA government never took the extreme step of dropping diplomatic relations with Pakistan but it took an even more extreme step of mobilising the forces along the border for a full-scale war. The UPA government, on the other hand, has not tried anything beyond the hopelessly futile "peace process". The joint mechanism is an irrational extension of the "peace process". When U.S. shared information with India, about the mobilization for nuclear testing, India promptly used that information to identify a suitable timeframe to evade the prying eyes of U.S. sattellites. It is foolish to think that sharing information with Pakistan can result in mutual confidence. N.Ram resorts to selective amnesia and misplaced trust in the enemy, to indulge in drum-beating for the congress. What measures has Pakistan taken lately to enthuse such trust? I think I know. Musharraf extended N.Ram a special invitation last year to visit Pakistan.

... the Indian Government must get its own house in order. The fact that the LeT is able to motivate young Indians to plant bombs in their own cities is a cause for serious concern. No amount of finger-pointing will solve this particular problem.
This is how devious communist logic can be. If a Pakistani bullet is hitting an Indian, it is obviously the Indian who is to be blamed because he did not react quickly enough to escape the bullet. Dont blame Pakistan but first get our house in order. Make sure every Indian can react fast enough to escape bullet fire. What is with communism and logic? - they can never coexist.

While it defies common sense that General Musharraf or the Pakistani GHQ could order a dramatic terrorist attack in Mumbai with fingerprints so easily identifiable ...

Exactly the point. ISI will not leave an easy trail and so solid evidence of ISI hand may not be obtainable. However, sufficient evidence pointing to ISI involvement may be obtained. N.Ram has repeatedly questioned the sincerity and credibility of the police. Here again, the casts doubts on the police version.
The evidence New Delhi marshals must be verifiable and solid — and not based solely on custodial interrogations and pseudo-scientific procedures such as narco-analysis and brain-mapping.
and he also gives an example to discredit `ISI link' theory. This guy, N.Ram, will not be satisfied with any amount of evidence to prove the ISI involvement. To N.Ram it might be not be clear how ISI was involved in this, but to us, the readers of CBCNN, it is amply clear how prejudiced N.Ram is.

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