Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Editorial on Foriegners Act

Foreigners in Assam

The Supreme Court's ruling on Tuesday striking down the Foreigners (Tribunals for Assam) Order, 2006, could not have come at a worse time to the United Progressive Alliance Government ...

This is about sovereignty and integrity of our country and not what it means to UPA government's political ambitions. After reviling BJP, based on speculative reports, for politicising the selection of President, CBCNN is politicising an issue of national concern. As a secondary point, why is this ruling, given in the best interests of the nation, not favourable to UPA? CBCNN, please elaborate.

The Assam-specific order was promulgated in February this year, not coincidentally on the eve of the elections to the State Assembly ...

CBCNN has given so much information on this amendment but one crucial element is missing: who promulgated the IMDT act and, when it was struck down, the Amendment to Foreigner's Act. Whom is CBCNN trying to protect?

... illegal migrants in Assam continue to evoke very real, strong, and quite contradictory passions and apprehensions in the State.
CBCNN is known to be against India's interests and it displays it well here, just as it has done several times in the past.
"Contradictory passions" suggest that there are people opposing illegal migrants: this is perfectly understandable; AND there are is a sizeable population supporting illegal migrantion into Assam: this is anti-national. CBCNN is not willing to give its readers the slightest of hint who these traitors are. We have seen CBCNN long enough to know it supports traitors, being one itself. However, we did notice in passing that, while BJP hailed the striking down of this amendment, the dynasty party and the barking down were silent yesterday.

A feature of such contradiction is that, as always in such matters, these reactions are necessarily group-specific.
Yesterday's report indicated that the verdict was hailed by all patriots. Traitors and the illegal migrants obviously did not like it.

... the apprehensions among sections of the people of the State who, rightly or wrongly, believe that the ruling bodes no good for their security and well being.
CBCNN is weeping and appealing to its readers about traitors and illegal migrants who are getting apprehensive about their security and well being.

`vote-bank politics' is the norm throughout the country, not merely in Assam.
CBCNN comes out in full support of 'vote-bank politics'. And we know why: because the party indulging in such dirty politics is Congress.

This normative requirement (of uniform law throughout India) has, however, to be balanced against the unique historical and current realities in Assam ...
CBCNN is advocating for special status to Assam, just like Kashmir. It does not want the problem of illegal migrants to be addressed. Instead it wants the illegal migrants to be given special status.

CBCNN does not acknowledge the problem of illegal migrants. So it obviously cannot ask for the illegal migrants to be thrown out. It further tries to alienate Assam from India by pointing out some "historical and current realities". All this in the name of ethics and rational thought.

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