Thursday, December 21, 2006

When not bashing BJP, Khare is busy praising CPI(M)

It's time parties made themselves heard

Khare is known for his verbal diarrhea against the BJP. This is one of those rare articles where he does not touch his favourite whipping boy. Instead he showers a lot of praise on CPI(M). This is how he went on from a rag picker to the sub-editor of CBCNN, a red and yellow rag.

Even those who do not always admire the Communist Party of India (Marxist) cannot possibly overlook the vigorous role the party and its cadres have played so far in helping the West Bengal Government put in place a controversial decision. In particular, the CPI(M) cadres have been involved in "selling" the Tata project to the affected people and securing consent letters from the farmers. At the national level, the CPI(M) and its policy-literate leaders have robustly joined the public debate, defending the State government and debunking the Singur project's critics.

The self-congratulatory nature of the communist clique is quite consummately grotesque.

Except in the CPI(M) and the CPI, leaders in almost all political parties have come to be respected or rejected in direct proportion to their perceived ability to help the party win regional or national elections.

This is nauseating. And why is CPI(M), CPI an exception? Is it because it is supported by CBCNN or is it because it is a Chinese party and not an Indian one?

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