Thursday, December 21, 2006

yossarin on about CBCNN

Rajnath Singh Re-elected BJP Chief - Mission and Vision for the BJP

As Rajnath Singh assumes the mantle once again buyoued by the recent wins of the BJP, the alarm bells have started ringing in the mainstream media. Leading the charge is the Communist Rag Tag “The Hindu” edited by closet communist N. Ram which in its editorial “BJP back to form” has come up with preposterous arguments to criticize the BJP for its rally in New Delhi on the Afzal Issue and for its actions in Parliament on the Arunachal Pradesh issue. Keeping good company to the communist rag tag, was known congress hack Pankaj Vohra in the stealth congress mouthpiece “The Hindustan Times” where Vohra all of a sudden discovered the vices of political rallies in the wake of a rather successful BJP rally.

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