Monday, December 11, 2006

A milder question: why is MPs visit front page news?

Perceptions and proportions

a commission that evoked readers' criticism was a Page 1, three-column story, "Rahul Gandhi to visit Amethi." (This was only in the early editions, and removed later.) Readers pointed out that Rahul Gandhi was one of 500 MPs; and MPs are supposed to visit their constituencies. What was so special about this one that it needed a front page announcement? That was the milder of the questions readers posed!

Because N.Ram is another invertebrate seeking the blessings of the dynasty. Ethics, says who?

I am getting very curious now. If CBCNN has no answers to the milder questions, how difficult would the harder questions have been.

Guys, why dont you send me your opinions on CBCNN so that I can post them here. You know very well that CBCNN only prints what is favourable to itself. So you cant get heard on CBCNN even if they have that nominal reader's editor. Actually, the reader's editor must be editing out unfavourable views of its readers.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The first page can as well carry a five-column write up entitled "Rahul Gandhi to visit bathroom" and that still would be a great show of loyalty to the royalty! (no need to feel shy and retract either from the early or late editions).