Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Communist feuds are always low-intensity for CBCNN

CPI(M)-CPI talks make headway in Kerala

Notice the subdued use of adjectives while reporting communist conflicts.

low-intensity feud
moved a little towards resolution
came to an understanding
his appointment is now only a formality
decided to discuss their differences
does not behove the two fraternal communist parties to wash the linen -- notice that CBCNN does not use "dirty" linen.
considerable progress in the talks
differences between the two parties had narrowed down
further dialogue between the two sides would lead to greater understanding between them

The one strong wording being: "The CPI had taken strong exception to some of the decisions of the CPI(M)".

Within the communist parties, CBCNN will root for CPI(M).

I have no idea what is the difference between CPI and CPI(M) and I dont care. They are by no means friends or there would have been just one party, especially when they are "fraternal" . For me, they are just power-hungry, traitor, "fraternal" communist parties.

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Anonymous said...

The difference between CPI and CPM dates back to the good old days (mid 60s) when, China took off from Soviet Russia's orbit. CPI remained loyal to Moscow and CPM shifted allegiance to China (the appendage "India" in CPI and CPI(M) is only just that, an appendage). So, when it comes to nuanced drum beating no wonder CBCNN prefers CPM.