Thursday, December 14, 2006

Highlights of the Left strike

Strike hits life in 3 States

While industrial belts in most other States were also affected, the highlight was ...

While this is a matter of national shame, CBCNN goes about merrily highlighting the positive aspects of this strike. A "national" strike by Left is always limited to Bengal and Kerala. But the pliant media - CBCNN - calls it "national". CBCNN also celebrates the strike by mentioning about a broad-based support for the strike through out the rest of India : "industrial belts in most other States were also affected". I am sure most people in the rest of the country would not even heard of the strike. A few card-carrying members of the left squeaking under inebriation in few parts of India is glorified by CBCNN beyond proportions. To further illustrate my point, I show you how this event was covered by Deccan Herald.
Life comes to standstill in West Bengal
It clearly says the strike affected only West Bengal.

Also, if you remember, few days ago, CBCNN came out with a damning editorial on Mamta Benarjee for taking out a state-wide strike against the Left policies. You cant even expect a whimper of a protest on this leftist terror.

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