Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Critics of Left have double standards: Karat

Singur: just the facts, please : Brinda Karat

How many people get to voice their opinion as articulately as Karat in CBCNN?

Karat says the critics have double standards. This is hilarious because the communists are the masters of double standards and the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

I will touch on a couple of points.

Untruth No. 4: "There was unheard of and unprecedented police brutality on December 1 — women are being sexually abused, their clothes torn off and children drowned in the local water bodies. Police had fired, several people are injured. [The] CPI(M) cadre are wearing police uniforms and terrorising the people."

Fact: This constitutes a cluster of fabrications so outrageous and so far removed from the truth that nobody takes them seriously. ...

Communists know best about this fabrication stuff, as they have practised it innumerable times on Gujarat. Oh, btw, CBCNN did not report anything about these allegations as it is against its policies. No violence, yet secion 144 implemented and Karat has a very communist explanation for it.

... a progressive, people-centred social and economic policy cannot proceed if the very process of industrialisation is seen as sinister and alien.

Meanwhile Left opposes FDI, industrialisation, development, etc.

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