Sunday, December 31, 2006

Title of this blog

spindianexpress makes a good point that the title of the blog must be something that
strikes visitors as succinctly summing up the paper's
character. Eg:

The Un-Hindu
The Communistu
The Marxistu


The full form of "CBCNN" better serves as descriptive tagline.

Do you think the present title CBCNN is ok. Or shoudl I consider something else like say "The Chindu". What do you guys think?


Proud Hindu Unlike CBCNN Hindu said...

"The Chindu" suits better.CBCNN is descriptive and should remain too.
The Chindu:Chennai Based Chienese National Newspaper.
Masthead must carry hammer and sickle in RED color on one side and on another Crescent and star in GREEN.
This will complete the true"secular,liberal,progressive" image of The Chindu.
Proud Hindu.

ps: This too will save me some trouble then I will be able to post comments with sign.
Proud Hindu not The Chindu.
First issue on Jan 1st?

Jagan said...

I would prefer a mock of the real name ' The Hindu'

The Un-Hindu is PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

"The Chindu" seems to say it all (short form of, "The Chinese Hindu"). Hence, The Chindu with the subtitle. CBCNN would be appropriate. On the other side, instead of un-Hindu, anti-Hindu would be more suitable. Being un-Hindu is not that bad, but being anti-Hindu (and pro-Muslim and pro-Christian, pro-Dravidian, pro-Commie etc.etc.) is really bad and unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer CBCNN.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks guys for your comments. i am thinking aloud here: if i change the title, what about the url? at present it is

let me not whack my brains during my vacation. will take a decision once i am back on 4th jan.

a happy new year to you all.

zeus said...

I think the title should be "Hindu - The Chindu", followed by the descriptive tagline cbcnn.

So if somone does a google search for Hindu, then there will be fair chance that cbcnn will turn up on the first page.

Anonymous said...

CBCNN is cool ..keep it thos way

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

sorry guys for my indecisiveness. i shall give it a little more thought before i decide on the title.