Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Spirit of charity is only Christian: Khare

Political rivals, not personal enemies

Perhaps Dr. Singh's gestures were inspired only by the spirit of Christian charity ...

Khare has vision par excellence - he can see only what he wants even if it is hidden or, better still, does not exist. Well, he actually peddled better/worse nonsense in the past.

Any mention of personalised politics by exonarting Gandhi cult is nonsese, which Khare is very capable of propounding.

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Anonymous said...

According to the edicts of CBCNN, Hindus can not lay any claim over charity, kindness etc. But, at least the Sikhs (the PM being one among them) are entitled to some amount of the traits like charity, which after all, are human qualities and not the monopoly of Christians. But, we can not expect our secularists to be broadminded.