Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The leftist rag called CBCNN

Ascent of the Left in Latin America

Get yourself up-to-date on all the leftist events in the world by reading the leftist rag, CBCNN.

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Anonymous said...

discovered your blog just now.
Great coverage of the commie the-hinthu newspaper. I don't know where it all started they we ok 10-15 yrs ago. But after that N.Ramm took over and then the Unholy alliance between him and Moo.Karunadanidhi's family - High caste Ramm's daughter was married to low caste Thayanithi Moron, grandson of Moo.Karunadanidhi. MK is serious socialist/communist yet he is among the richest in Asia. Nothing corrupts a mind worse than reading 'Hinthu'.
The Greedy N.Ramm hates competition he had filed 100's of complaints against Deccan Chronicle after they started operations in chennai and stopped only after the presiding judge chiding him for excessive complaints and he chairs CPI meetings on why we do not need FDI in newsprint sector etc.
Stop reading the Hithuu paper, if you read as i do just read it for fun as there are lot jokes in them everyday in the guise of news.