Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CPI(M) lies reported verbatim

BJP's Lucknow platform harmful, says CPI (M)

CBCNN is the mouthpiece of CPI(M). So it reports its statements verbatim. Contrast this article with the previous one on Mamta and you will see CBCNN's prejudices coming out clearly. If it is not in favour of the other party, it will drop in its own views into news or slants the news with its own colour.

"The argument put forth are reminiscent of how the Hindu communal platform stayed away from the national movement for independence and sought to divide it on communal lines.

The eminent marxist historians are at work again, propogating falsehoods. It is the muslims who stayed away from the freedom movement but the hindus get falsely accused by the communists. The communists sided with the british. So they obviously have a grudge against the hindus.

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