Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Muslims against reservations: Union Minister of State HRD

Muslims prefer access to education

Instead of reservation, Muslims would rather the Government open schools, anganwadis and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in areas dominated by the community to improve access to education.

At the same time, some Muslim MPs and NGOs working within the community were of the view that Scheduled Castes among Muslims should get reservation, as they suffer double discrimination.

This, according to Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development M.A.A. Fatmi, was the sum and substance of his meetings with Muslim MPs and NGOs over the past two days.

This observation by Fatmi will be drowned in the deluge of cries for Muslim reservation by all and sundry. CBCNN will do its very best to be in the forefront of the crowd bidding for Muslim reservation

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