Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another great article from churumuri

The column ‘Hindu’ didn’t have the guts to carry

Nearly two-dozen staffers of The Hindu have written in to Churumuri in response to the story Under N. Ram, the Hindu becomes a 'Sorry' paper, providing more chilling evidence of life under the great red warrior, a hyphenated champion of free expression.

But nothing quite captures what we are talking about—the quiet acquiescence to corporate interests—than the paper's mysterious decision to axe this column on Kalanidhi Maran of the Sun TV empire by its media critic Sevanti Ninan three Sundays ago.

The piece, in its entirety, appears on the media website The Hoot ( Asked if The Hindu had proffered a reason for not carrying the column, Sevanti says she was merely told that it would be "legally risky", which is another way of saying "due to technical reasons".

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