Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In a spot of bother

Parties, students hail verdict

The Amendment to Foreigner's Act, introduced by the Congress, would have compromised the sovereignty and integrity of our country. The amendment protects illegal migrants and make it d to detect and deport illegal Bangladeshi migrants.

CBCNN, which dutifully reports every little thing in communist camp, is silent about the communist opinion on this act. Both, Congress and Communists, have not reacted to this court judgement. Only BJP applauded the verdict. So CBCNN is in a spot. Its ethics and policies does not allow it to give any credit to BJP, especially in headlines. It carefully camouflages it by using "parties" to refer to BJP. Contrast with several articles that appear on CPI(M). For example, this one.

Also refer to this article where Comrade Khare laments,
"the rule of law or rather the Constitution is in danger of being supplanted by the rule of judges" due to judicial activism. Without judicial activism, we would have had this amendment turned into a law, thus hurting India's integrity irrepairably.

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