Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why Ambika Soni and not Hanuman statue?

Indian sculptures to be showcased in Beijing

CBCNN celebrates this exhibition of Indian antiquities in its fatherland.

Sizeable portion of the article is about the Hanuman statue while Ambika Soni is mentioned once in passing. Why does CBCNN put her photo instead of the statue's? Is it because CBCNN is averse to displaying Hindu symbols or is it because Ambika Soni has features reminiscent of Brinda?

Dont bother to ask that useless Reader's editor. He will just say editorial judgement, or whatever.

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Proud Hindu Unlike CBCNN Hindu said...

"...Is it because CBCNN is averse to displaying Hindu symbols...".You are right saying this,However when it comes to CNCNN practising one thing and preaching another is what comes naturally.Ask any one in delhi,how "elobrate" puja was held at the new printing press's commencement.for that a special priest was flown in from Chennai.Just ask them and they will deny and if they do,ask them do they want to see the photographs,which were taken by some one else not the papers photographers.
Proud Hindu Unlike CBCNN Hindu.